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How to select the best conservatory blinds
It is very pleasant indeed to be able to sit in the sun in your own conservatory, getting nicely browned whilst lying back safe and snug in a comfortable chair. Like most things, however, theory and practice are not always the same. Sometimes a conservatory can get just too hot, and sitting in it can become an ordeal rather than a pleasure.

There is another problem with a conservatory; the walls are made mainly of glass, which can give you absolutely zero privacy whilst you are in it, if any of the neighbouring houses overlook it.

Thirdly, sunlight has a very unfortunate effect on many fabrics. It not only fades their colours, but it also can reduce the strength of the strongest curtains, carpets or furniture coverings to that of tissue paper.

Truly, you can have too much of a good thing.

This is where conservatory blinds come in. A well-designed blind can be extended very quickly to provide shade or a degree of privacy when this is required.

Roller blinds with an aluminised backing are very popular for covering the roof panels of a conservatory; this area is where most of the heat usually comes from and the silvery finish of the backing acts as a very efficient insulant, reflecting much of the heat back. Venetian blinds are very popular for shading the Windows, and vertical roller blinds are available in both semi-translucent and completely opaque materials. There is a huge range of colours and styles available to suit any taste.

Roman blinds are arguably the most popular choice, and little wonder; despite their simplicity they can add colour and sophistication to any conservatory and they are usually very easy to fit, too.

And for the ultimate luxury; motorised blinds are easily available for those who prefer to operate them from a handset, from the comfort of an armchair, rather than by hand!

No matter how well designed a conservatory is, blinds are an absolute essential if you are to get the full benefits from it.
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