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A conservatory is a long term investment in your home. Choosing who supplies and installs your conservatory is as important as choosing the conservatory itself.

There is a lot to be said for personal recommendations, but in the absence of any other information, here are a few general questions to ask and some advice you should adhere to, when choosing a conservatory manufacturer in the UK:

Has the company a showroom or site where you can view the different styles available?

Do they explain how the average temperature inside the conservatory will vary depending on its orientation (North, South, East or West)?

For example, a south facing conservatory will get very hot in the summer unless you have sufficient ventilation. A north facing one will be cold in the winter and will need heating and/or good insulation.

Were they able to explain about the different ventilation techniques and glazing materials which can be used to maintain a comfortable environment all year round?

Were they able to show you the computerised design and explain to you how the finished article will complement your home?

Are you satisfied with the roofing system the conservatory manufacturer offers? Are you convinced that it would be perfect for your home?

Do they provide clear, detailed advice plus written details of all works they are going to carry out?

Do they offer a meaningful guarantee or warranty on their work?

Will the follow up to that all work will be carried out will be to the very highest standards? Ask about snagging and subsequent minor alterations.




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